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Supervisor Carpenter Delivers ‘State of the Town’ Address

Supervisor Carpenter State of Town Address

Islip, NY – Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter addressed local officials and members of the public today during the annual State of the Town address. Supervisor Carpenter used the speech, “Building a better Islip…for all,”  to review progress that the Town has made in multiple areas of governance, while also laying-out a vision for the future of Islip Town. The supervisor stressed the importance of teamwork and inclusiveness, and a willingness to embrace challenges that will ultimately lead to prosperity for Islip residents.

“I invite all in the Islip community, our residents, businesses, community and civic leaders, to become active participants in planning and shaping the future of our town, as we work together to build a better, more efficient and effective government for all the people living and working in the Town of Islip,” said Supervisor Carpenter.

Supervisor Carpenter touted the Town’s strong financial position, noting the Aaa rating from Moody’s, and stressed that now is the time to invest in critical infrastructure improvements in the Town. Such projects would help residents and businesses alike, and save taxpayer dollars in the long-term. These improvements will also create economic opportunities for local businesses and provide additional streams of revenue for the Town. Newsday article here.


Islip Housing Authority Accepting Applications for Section 8 Programs

Islip, NY – Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter is joining with the Town of Islip Housing Authority to announce the opening of the waiting lists for subsidized housing programs for new applicants. The Town of Islip Housing Authority is accepting applications for the Section 8 Voucher Program, the RAD Section 8 Project Based Voucher Program (Elderly & Family), and the Section 8 Project-Based Voucher Program at Southwind Village (Elderly & Family). The application period extends from Wednesday, February 22 through Friday, March 24.

“Our Housing Authority plays a key role in finding permanent dwellings for many of our residents. I urge anyone who is interested in Section 8 housing to contact the Islip Housing Authority immediately,” said Supervisor Angie Carpenter.

Applicants may obtain documents online by visiting www.isliphousing.org.  Applications are also available by mailing a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope to PO Box 442, Oakdale, NY 11769. Additionally, applicants may call 631-589-7100 ext 6 for instructions on where to pick up an application.  Applications without a valid postmark corresponding to the advertised dates will not be accepted. Only the most up-to-date application will be used during the process – multiple applications for the same head of household will not increase the chances of being chosen.  

Town of Islip to Discount Commercial Compliance Permit Fees

Islip, NY - The Town of Islip is implementing a Compliance Incentive Program to allow projects that were previously completed without a permit to be brought into compliance. The program is aimed at protecting public health and safety by encouraging commercial property owners to complete the Town’s permit process.  The Town’s goal is to ensure that buildings are safe, habitable and in compliance with the New York State Building Code, as well as the Islip Town Code.  To encourage participation by local businesses, the Town is discounting its Certificate of Compliance fees for commercial properties by 40%.

In addition to ensuring that safety issues are addressed by legalizing their properties, the owners will have assurance that work completed will not void any insurance claims, and they will have the permits required by financial institutions for loans and refinancing.  Commercial property owners are encouraged to take advantage of this short-term Compliance Incentive Program as soon as possible.  The Town does not anticipate renewing this program after it ends.  

"This is a one-time program designed to remedy a serious public safety issue. I urge property owners to come forward and bring their buildings up to code," said Supervisor Angie Carpenter. "Our inspectors and Planning Department officials are eager to work with these local businesses and guide them through this process."

To be eligible for this temporary program, the unpermitted activity must have occurred prior to January 31, 2013 and a complete Certificate of Compliance permit filed with the Building Department by May 31, 2017.  If the Town grants a permit, the previously unpermitted structure must be brought into compliance within one year.  If a violation has been reported and an appearance ticket issued, property owners will no longer qualify for this program. Enforcement efforts will be increased once the Compliance Incentive Program officially ends.  

For more information, call the Islip Town Planning Department at (631) 224-5466. 

Islip Town Supervisor Declares State of Emergency Thursday, February 9th

Town Planning Board Meeting Canceled Tonight, February 9th
Islip, NY- Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter declared a State of Emergency on February 9th in the Town of Islip. A state of emergency requires that all vehicles, except essential emergency service equipment, be removed from streets.
“Removing cars from streets ensures the best possible outcome from our plow operations. In addition, it also prevents damage to resident’s property. If necessary, residents can move their vehicles onto their lawns to enable plows to pass efficiently and effectively. Cars left on streets will be subject to ticketing,” said Supervisor Carpenter.
Town crews will be working around the clock to ensure roads are safe and passable. Residents are advised to stay off the roads unless driving is absolutely essential. As always, town airport officials will be working closely with Southwest, American Airlines and Elite Airways, to ensure the safety of travelers in and out of Long Island MacArthur Airport. If you have a scheduled flight to or from Islip MacArthur Airport, please check with your airline.
We anticipate increased snowfall and heavy winds throughout the day. We ask residents to be patient as we work to keep all our roads and subdivisions open and safe.
For snow related issues, residents can call the Town’s Office of Constituent Services at 631-224-5600 or 631-224-5380. Residents are encouraged to sign up to receive our Town’s E-Alerts, which is the best way to view the most up-to-date information in the event of an emergency. To register, visit www.islipny.gov. To report a power outage, call PSEG at 800-490-0075 or go to www.psegliny.com to file a report online. For police, fire and ambulance emergencies, call 911.

Town of Islip Prepares for Significant Winter Storm

Islip, NY- Islip Town personnel are currently making their final preparations ahead of what is expected to be a significant winter storm. Maintenance workers have ensured that plowing equipment is ready for the first sign of accumulation on our roads. Salt and sand supplies have been stockpiled at various locations throughout the town, which will allow our crews to make the streets as navigable as possible in all hamlets. The Department of Public Safety will be monitoring conditions alongside our Department of Public Works for the duration of the storm.

“Our employees have done an excellent job ensuring that we are prepared for this storm, and we stand ready to plow our 1,200 miles of roadways,” said Supervisor Angie Carpenter. “I urge residents to sign up for our E-Alert system, which will allow us to update residents with any important developments throughout the storm, and to please remove their cars from the streets, which will enable our crews to plow as much of the street as possible.”   




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