Islip Town Environmental Council (ITEC)

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Town Hall
655 Main St
Islip, New York 11751

ITEC was created by the Town Board in 1972 in order to preserve and improve the quality of life of the natural and man made environment within the Town of Islip.

  • The Council advises on all matters affecting the preservation, development and use of the conditions of the Town of Islip.
  • ITEC conducts surveys and studies as may be necessary to help research our environmental condition.
  • The Council sponsors community programs that foster increased understanding of environmental issues.
  • The Council maintains communications with public and private agencies of local, state and national scope whose programs have an impact on the quality of our environment.
  • ITEC works closely with KIC (Keep Islip Clean) to further the mission of keeping our Town clean and beautiful.


  • Charles Pulaski Environmental Awards -  Download an Award Application
  • Sponsor of STOP (Stop Throwing Out Pollutants) Program
  • Storm drain and bay protection projects
  • Beautification and  Tree Planting Program
  • Research to protect local rivers and creeks
  • Advisory function to the Town Board
  • Storm Water Basin Medallion Program: The Islip Environmental Council (ITEC) funded a project, which will place 1,000 medallions on storm drains throughout the Town of Islip. Last year, members of the Islip Town Board placed the first medallion on a drain that empties into the Great South Bay. The medallions (pictured) are designed to educate the public about dumping toxic materials down storm drains. For more information, please contact the Department of Planning and Development at (631) 224-5450.

ITEC Board Members:

Nancy Manfredonia, Chairperson
Nancy Cochran
Steve Shatz
Lesley Kane