Islip Officials Ask Residents to Refrain from Adding Snow to Streets

Islip, NY—Islip Town officials are urging residents to refrain from clearing snow in such a way that it adds to the amount of snow in the streets. Snow that is cleared from driveways and cars should not be disposed in the street, as this will only make clearing the roadways a longer and more difficult process. The Town is also asking residents to ensure that any cleared snow isn’t blocking drains.

“Our crews and outside contractors have been working around the clock to clear our 1,200 miles of roadways,” said Supervisor Angie Carpenter. “One of the best ways that residents can assist in this effort is to shovel and plow their properties in such a way that the snow does not end up back in the street. Also, we are expecting warmer temperatures for a few days, so storm drains must be clear so runoff can flow out of the streets.”