Town of Islip Continues to Clean Up Communities by Demolishing Blighted, Dangerous Buildings

Islip, NY – Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter is pleased to announce that derelict and hazardous structures at 473 Ocean Avenue and 227 Caleb’s Path in Central Islip have been demolished. The homes had been abandoned for quite some time, and had been left to decay by the property owners. The home at 473 Ocean Avenue became increasingly unsafe, as well as a target for graffiti. Weather damage and encroaching vegetation made the home structurally unsound, forcing the Town to intervene.

The structure at 227 Caleb’s Path was also more than an eyesore to the surrounding residents. Fire damage to the structure left the roof open to the elements, which made the building extremely unstable. The house was also a haven for vermin.

“My administration has made it a priority to rid our neighborhoods of these homes that present a threat to public safety and impact the quality of life of everyone who lives nearby,” said Supervisor Angie Carpenter. “We aren’t going to wait for someone to get hurt. We’re actively investigating complaints and enforcing our Town Code against these dangerous, dilapidated houses.”

The demolitions at 473 Ocean Avenue and 227 Caleb’s Path are examples of several demolitions that the Town has conducted in 2016. The homes are demolished at the expense of the property owner, saving taxpayer dollars while improving our community.