Town Officials Stress Fire Safety During Recovery


ISLIP-NY (11/01/12) – Islip Supervisor Tom Croci and the Islip Fire Marshal’s office, in conjunction with other recovery agencies, are imploring residents to be mindful of the fire hazards posed by power tools, generators, barbecues, and household appliances. Many house fires have been reported as a result of appliances being left in the same state they were in when residences lost power.  When power is suddenly switched back on there are many appliances that, if they have been left unattended, will cause electrical problems.  Several safety tips to remember:

Please make sure that household appliances are either unplugged or shut off.

Do not back-feed your generator through your electric panel.

If you have an electric stove make sure it is clear of all objects.

If you are leaving your home for an extended period, switch off the main breaker on your electric panel.

If your house has water damage you should contact a licensed electrician to assess the damage to your system.

DO NOT try to trim trees or branches that are touching telephone poles or electrical wires.  To report these problems call LIPA at 1-800-490-0075.

Once power is restored, monitor your house for at least an hour to ensure that there are no problems.

We are urging residents to exercise extreme caution while using power tools in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, including the use of generators, barbecues, and chainsaws.  Generators and other gas-powered tools emit large amounts of carbon monoxide (CO-) gas, which can be lethal in certain doses.  CO- gas is odorless and colorless, and is thus extremely dangerous.

Generators and barbecues should be operated outside in a well-ventilated area.  Residents should also test to make sure that their carbon monoxide detectors have functioning batteries.