Fire Island Not Ready for Reoccupation


ISLIP-NY (11/02/12) – In light of the dangerous conditions still present, Islip Supervisor Tom Croci has extended an existing emergency order for a Mandatory Evacuation for Category One Hurricane Flood Zones in the Islip communities of Fire Island.

Ongoing safety assessments, conducted by Town of Islip, Suffolk County emergency personnel, and HAZ-MAT coordinators reveal Fire Island is currently unfit for reoccupation.

Many buildings are structurally unsound and pose a danger to potential occupants.  The storm has extensively damaged the water supply system to Fire Island and cripples firefighting capabilities.  Many hydrants remain buried by the shifting sands.  The damage to the water supply has also created potential health issues which must be reviewed and assessed by the Suffolk County Department of Health before any reoccupation efforts can begin.

Town of Islip docking facilities have been compromised by the storm, and are NOT open to the public, including the Atlantique Beach Marina.

As safety checks and assessments continue, Croci has strongly reinforced the importance that Fire Island remains civilian-free. Designated Fire Service personnel will maintain safe conditions on Fire Island.

Any private citizen attempting to reoccupy Fire Island in violation of the emergency order will be subject to arrest by Islip Harbor Police, the Suffolk County Police Department, or any other empowered law enforcement agencies.