Gas Supply Lines to Re-established Shortly

ISLIP-NY (11/02/12) – Islip Supervisor Tom Croci has been assured by the Long Island Gas Retailers Association Executive Director that supplies of gasoline will be replenished to gas stations across Long Island as early as Friday night. Due to the large amount of debris in the waters surrounding New York Harbor, as well as the widespread power outages affecting Long Island’s fuel offload centers, gasoline could not be delivered to gas stations in adequate quantities.

“I advise our residents to just wait out the gas shortage for a short time, only travel if absolutely necessary, and plan your routes to shorten the distance needed to travel,” said Supervisor Croci.  “Local and state officials have planned the distribution of fuel to ensure that we reach as many gas stations as possible in order to prevent a rush to just a few stations.  We are asking that residents continue to be patient as we recover from this unprecedented disaster in Islip Town.”

The Islip Economic Development Department today reported that local business owners were describing the fuel shortage as the biggest impediment to running their businesses.

Other facts supplied to Islip Town:

•         Gas was shut out of ports, NY & Port Jefferson, by US Coast Guard until Friday 11/2/12.

•         Of 4 depots on LI that supply gas to tanker trucks for delivery to retailers, 3 are without power (Inwood, Lawrence, Glenwood Manor.  At least one of those 3 (Inwood) has gas in their tank but can’t pump it to the tanker trucks.  (Source: LI Gas Retailers Assoc.)

•         It is unlikely that those Nassau locations will have power restored until sometime next week.  The substations serving those areas are all still under water. (Source: LIPA)

•         Holtsville depot should be receiving fuel via the Port Jeff pipeline today, 11/2.  Will reach retail stations by Saturday 11/3 (Source: LI Gas Retailers Assoc.)

•         National Guard will be delivering fuel in tanker trucks to LI over weekend.  (Source: LIPA)

•         Over 70% of LI gas stations are still without power.  As they come up, more gas will become available.

For more information, please contact Inez Birbiglia at (631) 278-6006 or (631) 902-3594.