Town of Islip Adopts Great Cove Watershed Management Plan; Lays Framework for Future Drainage and Water Quality Infrastructure

Islip, NY – The Islip Town Board today approved the Great Cove Watershed Management Plan (WMP), which was created to provide the groundwork for future drainage projects and planning initiatives in the Great Cove area.

The Great Cove region, which extends from just east of the Robert Moses Causeway to just west of Hecksher Park and north of the Southern State Parkway, has been subject to residential and commercial development that has outpaced water management systems.


The WMP, created with help from the New York State Department of State, details the types of sustainable strategies that the Town of Islip and private developers should take into account when planning new projects within the Great Cove area.

“The Great Cove Watershed Management Plan has been years in the making, and is the result of the hard work of many people,” said Supervisor Tom Croci.  “The plan is an important resource not just for the current Town Board members, but for local and state officials for decades to come. Adopting this plan creates increased opportunities for our Town to receive additional New York State grant funding to retrofit existing drainage systems in Islip.”

The permanently adopted plan provides recommendations of best practices for the Town’s internal departments with regard to debris management, salt storage, and the storage and disposal of hazardous materials at Town facilities.  The plan will help provide guidance to our Town workers and managers and is in direct alignment with the goals of the Federal Clean Water Act, as well as any associated mandates from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

“The WMP is tied directly to this Town Board’s commitment to the health of the Great South Bay and its animal populations, as well as preserving our water quality, since Long Island families reside atop a sole source aquifer,” Deputy Supervisor Trish Bergin Weichbrodt said.

The first chapter of Islip’s watershed legislative action began in 2007 with the adoption of the Green’s Creek / Browns River Watershed Management Plan which primarily addresses the eastern portion of Islip Township.

The entire Great Cove Watershed Management Plan document can be accessed here.