Town Land Sale to Garner $3.5 Million, Expand Tax Base, Enhance Regional Recreational Opportunities

Islip, NY – The Islip Town Board today approved the sale of thirty acres of land in Central Islip to Ultimate Game Indoor/Outdoor Sports, LLC (UGS) for $3.5 million.

UGS, who currently has a lease agreement for the land, expressed an interest in purchasing the land in an attempt to demonstrate to investors their seriousness in developing the property into a sports attraction for the region.

The UGS proposal, which includes new outdoor turf fields, a 200,000 sq. ft. indoor sports complex and a 6,000 seat stadium, aims to attract minor-league professional sport franchises to Islip, like Long Island Ducks baseball team.

“Ownership of this land is exactly what UGS needs to get investors on board with their vision of state-of-the-art athletic facilities in Central Islip,” said Councilman Steve Flotteron, who has spearheaded this initiative.  “Here we have a stadium developer who will inject money back into the community and ease the tax burden on our area.”

In addition to the $3.5 million that the Town would gain from the sale of the property, the town may also see annual payments of up to $1.3 million considering the planned use and zoning for the property.  The sale is contingent on UGS’s construction of seven new, multi-purpose athletic fields on East View Drive which will be open to the community.

“UGS is prepared to make a serious investment in one of our communities that has been most devastated by America’s economic crisis,” said Supervisor Tom Croci.  “These are exactly the types of high-profile projects we need to show other developers that Islip is the most attractive area for new business opportunities on Long Island.”

The planned facilities would create an unmatched level of athletic economic opportunities in our region. Plans for the land include the construction of several multi-purpose athletic fields that would attract local and professional athletic organizations, including two separate stadiums each with several thousand seats. Central Islip, already home to the Long Island Ducks, could become the epicenter of Nassau-Suffolk athletics, especially considering the planned departure of the New York Islanders from Nassau Coliseum.

This deal follows the lead of several other Town projects aimed at rejuvenating the Central Islip community. New outdoor fields for youth athletics are currently being built on Lowell Avenue in Central Islip, which because they are situated directly across from the Central Islip Recreation Center, can become a focus of community activity.

“I am very excited about this venture,” said Debra Cavanagh, Vice President of the Central Islip Coalition of Good Neighbors.  “It brings to the Central Islip community more job opportunities, positive visibility, and greatly helps our tax base.”

The Town Board and other local officials have also successfully lobbied for funds that will enable parking lot improvements at the Central Islip Train Station, in addition to improving and maintaining bike paths at several Central Islip locations.

“This Town Board is working hard to help the Central Islip community rebound from what has been an extended period of decline,” said Councilman Flotteron.  “Officials in the past have paid lip service to this area, but this Board is demonstrating our commitment to Central Islip’s social and economic potential.”