Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Town of Islip understands that the privacy of visitors is important. This Privacy Policy applies strictly to the main Town of Islip site and not to any sites linked to from this site, or any of the sites belonging to agencies of the Town of Islip. If you have any questions, you can contact the Town of Islip via email or by writing to: [Insert Address to contact here]

For the most part, the Town of Islip site can be used extensively without the need to supply any personally identifiable information. This Privacy Policy has been split into two parts. The first details what information is collected generally and how it is used. The second describes what additional information is collected as is required by certain areas, such as forms.

Information collected and how it is used


When you visit the Town of Islip website, we may send one or more cookies, a small file that contains a string of characters (full definition:, to your computer to identify your browser uniquely but in a non-personally identifiable way. We use this to help when you search, and for supplying documents to you when downloaded.


When visiting the site, we will collect basic information about your browser such as: the region from which you connect, your browser, your operating system, your screen resolution, and your color depth. We use this information to better supply our visitors with a richer, more fulfilling experience when visiting.

Log Information

Our servers will automatically log any information sent to them from your browser. This would include information such as your IP address, your browser and version, the time at which you connected, what protocol used to connect, and the resource your browser requested.


Any emails sent to any Town of Islip address will be stored and retained for a period of time as is required of the Town by State and Federal law.

Links to Other Sites

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Town of Islip site and does not apply to any of the other sites linked to from this site including the sites of agencies of the Town of Islip (IDA, FlyLima, etc.). These other sites may collect other information from you, place their own cookies, or solicit you for additional information.

In addition to the policies outlined above, when filling out a form we may require additional information such as your name and your email address. This personally identifiable information is used solely to contact you in regards to the nature of the request or notification. This information will never be disseminated to any person or organization outside the Town of Islip, except for those persons and organizations working for or on behalf of the Town of Islip, unless specifically requested to do so by you. You may choose to not identify yourself in this way. If this is the case, you may not be able to utilize certain portions of the website.

Information Security

The Town of Islip takes appropriate security measures and makes a reasonable effort to protect against unauthorized access to data. These include regular review of digital security measures, as well as physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to physical systems where we store personal data.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change, in whole or in part, without notice