Planning Division

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Town Hall
655 Main St
Islip, New York 11751
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OFFICE HOURS: Front Counter
Monday - Friday 
8:30am - 5:00pm

The Division of Planning administers the permit processing which requires approval from the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and/or Town Board. Long term, this Division maintains the Town Comprehensive Plan, periodically updating demographics and development trends. Planning studies, such as the current Local Waterfront Revitalization Study, provide information to the Town Board that allows this Division to update or amend the Comprehensive Plan. This Division also manages and updates the Town Geographic Information System (GIS), used by departments throughout the Town.


Forms & Applications

Please fill out the application in its entirety and bring to the Planning Division along with all other required documents.
Forms can be filled out electronically but cannot be submitted online.

Applications that require approval from the Town Board

Change of Zone, Modification of Covenants and Restrictions, And Town Board Special Permit Process

Applications that require approval from the Planning Board

Such as: Planning Board Special Permits, modifications to Planning Board conditions, approval of outside seating in a Business District (BD), Certificate of Appropriateness for exterior modifications to historic landmark properties.

Planning Board Special Application Permit

Clearing of trees 10" in caliper or greater, or more than 200 square feet of land.

Land Grading/Clearing Permit Application

Permit required when any development activity is in close proximity to wetlands or watercourses

Including: planting, restoration, disturbance/clearing, discharge of effluent, grading, filling, placement of marine structures, construction of structures or buildings.

Wetlands & Watercourses Application

Requests for custom maps, public information maps, historic aerial imagery, radius maps for Planning and Town Board hearings, etc.

Map Request Form

Road Opening Application

Road Opening Application


Planning Division Fee Schedule
Engineering Division Fee Schedule
Building Division Fee Schedule (Residential)
Building Division Fee Schedule (Commercial)
Zoning Board of Appeals Fee Schedule
*new* -   Heartland Town Square Change of Zone Town of Islip and Suffolk County Comparison
*new* - Heartland Town Square Phase One Town Approval Boundaries
*new* - Industrial Corridor District Planning and Zoning Study


Edward Friedland, Chairman   Kevin Brown, Vice Chairman
Gary Bruno   Brian Ferruggiari
Michael Moriarty   Anthony Musumeci
Timothy Mattimore  


Planning Division : (631) 224-5450 
Building Division:  Permits:  (631) 224-5466  Records:  (631) 224-5470
Engineering Division:  (631) 224-5360
Zoning Board of Appeals : (631) 224-5489
Economic Development : (631) 224-5512