Public Safety Enforcement

John CarneyCommissioner
Public Safety Office
28 Nassau Avenue
Islip, New York 11751
(631) 224-5548
(631) 224-5756

The responsibility of protecting all Town-owned property and citizens using these facilities falls within the jurisdiction of the Public Safety Office. A round-the-clock communicating center is maintained by these peace officers who are also responsible for overseeing the Town's abandoned vehicle and Park Watch programs. This Department also oversees the Divisions of Housing, Fire Prevention, Traffic Violations and Zoning.

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

After Normal Business Hours: Contact Public Safety at (631) 224-5306

 Municipal Parking Program: This link will direct you to a separate page with more information



Housing DivisionRental Inspection Appointments: (631) 224-5474

 Sign Permit Application 

 1 & 2 Family Rental Permit Application - This application is used to both establish or renew a Rental Occupancy Permit.  Instructions included.

 No Longer a Rental Affidait - This document is used as an affidavit of non-rental which is used to close a previously issued Rental Occupancy Permit. 


Fire PreventionChief Fire Marshal Michael Catalano
 Forms and Applications - Multiple Use Rentals, Multiple Family Rentals, Tents, Combustible Storage, Hazardous Materials, Co-ops & Condo Rentals, Fire Systems/Tank Permits, Public Assembly, Certificate of Fitness LPG, and Open Burning/Bonfires.


Office of Emergency Management (OEM)Hurricane and natural disaster updates and information: (631) 224-5730


Traffic Violations(631) 224-5372


Graffiti Hotline(631) 224-2772


Zoning DivisionProperty Violation Searches (631) 224-5475


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