Derelict, Unsafe House Demolished

Islip, NY – Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter was joined by members of the Islip Town Board and other Town officials at the demolition of a home in Holbrook. The property had been neglected to the point that the rear of the house had partially collapsed, and what remained of the structure was entirely unsalvageable. Openings in the roof and the rear of the house exposed the structure to the elements, and water damage had all but destroyed the interior of the dwelling and created mold problems. In addition, overgrown vegetation posed a fire hazard to the dilapidated house and the neighboring houses.

“Houses like these aren’t just an eyesore that bring down the property values of responsible homeowners, but are also health hazards to our neighborhoods,” said Supervisor Angie Carpenter. “We are going to work vigorously to eliminate the threat to the welfare of our neighborhoods that is posed by these houses.”

In early 2015 the Town Board amended the Town Code to streamline the demolition process. The amendments to the Town Code allow public nuisances, like 135 Flintridge Drive, to be addressed more efficiently.