Additional Personnel Deployed for Home Inspections


Islip, NY - At the request of Supervisor Croci and the Town Board, and with cooperation from County Executive Steve Bellone,  Islip town’s volunteer firefighters today were recruited to help speed up the ongoing inspection process of homes affected by Sandy so that they are more quickly cleared for power restoration by LIPA.   Through the Islip Fire Chief’s Council, a call was put out to any members in any Fire Department in Islip Town to  mobilize at the Town’s Emergency Operation Center this morning and work in teams to move county electrical inspectors quickly through Islip neighborhoods.

The Town conducted 8,500 building assessment inspections since Friday, delivering the information to LIPA in real time through a database.  Homes were placed in three categories of damage; red means significant a damage was sustained and the property is NOT ready for power restoration, yellow means some damage was sustained but requires an additional electrical inspection to ensure that a fire will not occur if power is turned back ton, and green means that homes are safe for power restoration.

Residents in yellow status have anxiously awaited an electrical inspection from Suffolk County which is already strained with manpower.   Local firemen quickly answered the call of the Islip Town Board and immediately mobilized to take these inspectors into neighborhoods and assist in the inspections to get  power back on.  LIPA has made a verbal commitment to Town officials last night that field crews will provide more accurate information to residents regarding what  steps they need to take to be cleared for power restoration.

The electrical inspections are LIPA requirement for residents who have experienced flooding or other storm impacts that may have compromised electrical systems.  LIPA has reported that they cannot turn power back on until they have an approval from a certified electrical inspector stating that the properties electrical systems have not compromised or have been isolated and now safe for power restoration

The Town/Firefighter/County teams will be out for several days working on completion of these electrical inspections to help ensure that LIPA can get moving.