Bay Shore Summit Council Comes to Islip Town Hall

Islip, NY – Islip Town Supervisor Tom Croci and members of the Islip Town Board were recently joined by leaders of the Bay Shore community for a meeting of the Bay Shore Summit Council.

A wide range of topics were included in the discussion, with the focus on how local government will partner with community organizations in the coming years.  Talks on post-Sandy rebuilding and the Town’s finances dominated the meeting.

“Town government, local businesses, and residents of Islip Town have many challenges ahead of us that we will have to face together,” said Supervisor Croci.  “We cannot rebuild this Town, physically or financially, without everyone working as part of a team.”

Representatives of Bay Shore businesses and civic groups stressed the need to repair the barrier beaches that protect shorefront communities.  Deputy Supervisor Trish Bergin Weichbrodt highlighted the fact that the Town Board has passed legislation that makes it easier for homeowners to repair their storm-damaged property.  She also added that the Town remains committed to seeing Fire Island restored.

“Fire Island’s barrier beaches are not simply a playground for tourists.  For many people it is their home, and for countless others the barrier beaches provide protection from the worst effects of a storm,” said Deputy Supervisor Bergin Weichbrodt.

The Town has also been exploring ways to improve technological infrastructure within Islip, and the Bay Shore Summit Council was receptive to the idea of partnering with the Town to achieve that goal.  Adding WiFi and other wireless infrastructure would create jobs and help local businesses, while ensuring that Islip does not fall behind other business districts on Long Island.

Pictured (left to right) – Robert Cicale, Islip Town Attorney; Lynda Distler, Chief of Staff; Sean Collins, Summit Council Co-Chair, Code Enforcement Chair; Tuere Morton, Multi-Cultural Chairperson and NAACP representative; Councilman Steve Flotteron; Olga Murray, Town Clerk; Dr. Evelyn Blose Holman, Retired Superintendent of Bay Shore Schools and Chair of EBH Foundation; Tracy Krut (back), FTZ Director; Supervisor Tom Croci; Mary Louise Cohen, Summit Council Co-Chair; Barbara Fishkind, Summit Council at-large member; Gail Farrell, Beautification Co-Chair; Susan Boudreau, Beautification Co-Chair; Noreen Clemens, Summit Council at-Large member, Kramer Learning Center; Colleen Valdini, Summit Council Treasurer; Councilman Anthony Senft; Joe Montouri, Islip Parks Commissioner; Councilwoman Trish Bergin Weichbrodt; Terri Muuss, Summit Council Public Relations Committee Chair; Tom Owens, Islip Commissioner of Public Works.