Islip Seniors Celebrate Halloween

supervisor carpenter and councilman flotteron with costumed senior citizens

Islip, NY - Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter and Councilman Steve Flotteron were on hand to celebrate Halloween at a gala ball with local senior citizens. The event, hosted by the Islip Town Parks and Recreation Department and held at Villa Lombardi’s in Holbrook, brought together seniors from all of the different senior centers in Islip Town.

“Our senior centers are great places for residents to make new friends and to enjoy recreational activities,” said Supervisor Angie Carpenter. “This event brings together senior citizens who want to remain involved in their community and make new memories in their retirement years.”

For more information on Islip Town’s senior centers and events, contact the Senior Citizens Office at (631) 224-5340. 

Connetquot Youth Association Presents 2016 Awards

Islip, NY – Islip Town Councilman Steve Flotteron recently attended an awards presentation ceremony for the Connetquot Youth Association. The awards focused on the Association’s Little League, and were presented to players, coaches, and other volunteers who made a difference in the league during the 2016 seasons. Councilman Flotteron thanked the players for their sportsmanship, and thanked the parents and adult volunteers for promoting Little League traditions.



Islip Town Board Honors Islip Breast Cancer Coalition

Islip, NY - Supervisor Angie Carpenter and the members of the Islip Town Board recently honored the Islip Breast Cancer Coalition (IBCC) in recognition of their 20 years of service to the Islip community. The IBCC has helped support and comfort hundreds of victims of breast cancer, and has provided aid to their families as well. The organization has steadily grown, and under the leadership of its current board members, the IBCC has been able to make more of an impact than ever before.

“Thanks to the efforts of this organization, hundreds of residents over the past 20 years have benefited from an improved quality of life during their struggles with cancer,” said Supervisor Angie Carpenter.

Pictured: The Town Board presents an award to Gina Cacaperdo, President of the IBCC, and other members of the organization’s executive board. Several Town employees who participated in the IBCC’s 2nd Annual Miles of Hope 5k run were also present for the photo. 

Islip Demolishes Zombie Home

Islip, NY - Supervisor Angie Carpenter announced today that the Town of Islip has been awarded $339,100 in grant money from New York State to combat vacant and zombie homes in the Town of Islip. The grant money comes on the heels of Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s recent announcement that $13 million will be distributed to 76 towns, cities and villages statewide as part of the Zombie Remediation and Prevention Initiative. 

“We are serious about improving every aspect of our neighborhoods, and in many places, that begins with addressing these derelict and hazardous properties that have been plaguing our communities,” said Supervisor Angie Carpenter. “On Monday, the zombie home at 7 Prospect Street in Central Islip was demolished. Houses like these aren’t just an eyesore that bring down the property values of responsible homeowners and neighborhoods, but are also health hazards. We are going to continue to work vigorously to eliminate this threat to the welfare of our town. We are grateful to Attorney General Schneiderman for awarding this grant to the Town of Islip,” she added. 

The Central Islip property suffered extensive damage in a May 2013 fire, including a collapsed in-ground swimming pool. The Town of Islip passed a resolution in September 2015 to demolish the house. After addressing all of the necessary legal steps and requirements, the eyesore was finally able to be torn down.

The grant initiative is made possible by AG Schneiderman’s $3.2 billion settlement agreement with Morgan Stanley. Grants ranged from $52,500 to $350,000, and were awarded to municipalities as large as New York City and as small as the Town of Ticonderoga. The work was performed by Panzner Demolition.


Local Officials and Community Leaders Celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Central Islip Civic Council

Islip, NY – Supervisor Angie Carpenter and Councilman Steve Flotteron recently joined leaders in the Central Islip community at a gala awards ceremony honoring the contributions of the Central Islip Civic Council. The Central Islip Civic Council, celebrating its 50th Anniversary, has been instrumental in numerous projects that have improved the Central Islip community. Led by its longtime president, Nancy Manfredonia, the CI Civic Council has been a tireless advocate for the residents and business of Central Islip.